Storage of Goods and Documents

You can store a considerable amount in a logistics area of more than 52,000 m2: in our various warehouses, we have space for the secure storage of more than 27,000 pallets. For confidential files and documents, we offer secured rooms with access control and special surveillance.

Professional warehousing

Thanks to powerful IT, you can obtain information on available goods and quantities at any time – and you can have them at your disposal quickly and flexibly.

  • High-bay warehouse and picking shelves
  • Block storage
  • Semi-automatic high-bay warehouse for oversized pallets
  • Own spirits warehouse
  • Stocktaking service
  • Storage even of confidential files
  • Logistics area measuring more than 52,000 m²
  • Modern IT with powerful merchandise information system
  • Convenient stock inquiries
  • Storage/retrieval of up to 280 pallets per hour
High-bay warehouse, pallet warehouse or picking warehouse – we have enough storage space to accommodate even large quantities of goods.
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