Warehousing, storage of goods and documents

A lot can be accommodated on more than 53,000 square metres of logistics space: We have space in our various warehouses for the warehousing of more than 27,000 pallets, which are safely stored there. For confidential files and documents we offer secured rooms with access control and special surveillance.

Warehousing & warehouse logistics in Heilbronn

Thanks to an efficient IT system, you can obtain information about available goods and quantities at any time - and you can have it quickly and flexibly.

  • High-bay warehouse and order picking racks
  • Block storage
  • Manual high-bay warehouse for oversized pallets
  • Inventory service
  • Classic warehousing
  • Storage of confidential files too
  • Over 53,000 sqm of logistics space
  • State-of-the-art IT with highly efficient merchandise management system
  • Convenient inventory query
  • Storage/retrieval of up to 280 pallets per hour


High-bay warehouse, pallet warehouse or picking warehouse – we have enough storage space to accommodate even large quantities of goods.