Let's cut CO2 emissions

To protect the climate, mankind, including us in Germany, must reduce CO2 emissions. This is a challenge for society as a whole, and of course it is also a challenge for companies.

The IDEAL GROUP is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions with numerous measures.

One major lever, for example, is the equipment of our production halls. A lot can be done on 53,000 square meters:

  • We only use modern halls with first-class insulation and energy balance. Green hall roofs not only provide support, they also ensure better air quality and store a lot of water.
  • Heat pumps and underfloor heating in most of the halls noticeably reduce the amount of energy needed for heating.
  • With 750 kWp, our solar power system on the hall roofs has sufficient capacity to supply the entire site with solar power.
  • The lighting in the halls has been converted to LED lamps. It could hardly be more efficient.
  • In addition, motion-controlled switches are used in social areas. This ensures that the lights only come on when they are needed.

But it's not just the halls that reduce our carbon footprint - our working methods and processes do too:

We are currently consistently converting our vehicle fleet to hybrid or electric vehicles. Several double charging stations on the company premises ensure that green electricity gets on the road.

A small section of our efficient solar power plant
A small section of our efficient solar power plant


  • In fulfillment, we use paper packaging and filling materials wherever possible and largely avoid plastics here.

  • Recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard, but also foils, wood and metal have been recycled for years.

  • Efficient conveyor technology reduces the number of supply trips with electric transport vehicles.

We are not yet in a position to quantify our success. However, the measures and the resulting impression are very promising.

Goodbye Plastic- Hello Sustainability

The fast-growing startup everdrop produces liquid-free window and household cleaners in tablet form.

When needed, the tablets can simply dissolved in a beautiful everdrop bottle and the household cleaner is ready.

A sustainable idea that has brought the company great development and even a nomination for the German Sustainability Award.

The products, which are currently marketed with the slogan "Bye, plastic! Hello, cleaning tabs!" have even earned the startup company everdrop the German Sustainability Award 2021.

Since everdrop is experiencing above-average growth rates, it is important that the fulfillment partner can dynamically follow this path.

The IDEAL-PACK services at a glance:

  • Pick & pack for the online store (pack orders, ship and handle any returns).
  • Assume packing duties (pack bundles with several products, assemble bottles, etc.)
  • Pack cleaning tablets in sachets, label them
  • Digitally print flyers and inserts, including inserting them into designated packages ...
The attractive world saver set from everdrop in fulfillment by IDEAL-PACK
The attractive world saver set from everdrop in fulfillment by IDEAL-PACK


An all-around clean job as part of our customer-oriented IDEAL-PACK service – so that everything arrives at the customer's door just as good as it was promised beforehand.

More info on everdrop solutions: www.everdrop.de

Exclusive hall for well-known food brand

At least 12 months: this is the duration of the exclusive use agreement between IDEAL-PACK GmbH and a global brand from the food sector. As a result, a production and storage hall covering a good 5,000 square meters will now be reserved exclusively for this customer's food products.

Among industry insiders, IDEAL-PACK is known for its strong commitment to customer-specific work processes. As a result, the IT connection for the logistics coordination was quickly completed and no separate data interface was required. Now, the company works autonomously in the customer's merchandise management system, thus ensuring maximum up-to-dateness and transparency in both directions.

For the next few months, IDEAL-PACK will be responsible for managing the hall, i.e. providing the necessary crew and a sufficient number of forklift trucks at all times. The obligatory pest control measures have already been considerably expanded in advance and the hall has been thoroughly cleaned.

A special concept for access authorizations was also established and accompanying issues such as ventilation were newly regulated.

The strict requirements of the IDEAL-GROUP customer have now been met and a quality assurance team was able to give the go-ahead with satisfaction.

Over the next few weeks, around 300 euro pallets of new goods will be delivered every day. The hall will then be completely filled and the goods will be successively introduced to the market in the following months.

Organic certificate extended until 2022

As a logistics provider, we are part of a long value chain. This brings responsibilities of which we are well aware.

Accordingly, we not only ensure compliance with high quality standards in our production, but also have this confirmed at regular intervals by independent auditors.

In the summer of 2020, we were once again awarded our organic certificate for

  • labeling on a subcontract basis,
  • packaging on a subcontract basis and
  • storage on a subcontract basis

was successfully renewed after a critical review.

As we are constantly improving our quality management system, we are confident that we will again successfully pass the next inspection in January 2022.

New hall brings 12 percent more production and logistics space

After several months of construction, our new logistics hall in the Heilbronn industrial area "Böllinger Höfe" is being completed these days.

With this multifunctional hall, we are expanding our production and storage area by a further 5,800 sqm to a good 53,000 sqm. The hall can be approached from two sides and is equipped with five ramps, generous glazing for plenty of daylight and modern energy-saving equipment.

We are thus continuing our organic and forward-looking capacity expansion of recent years. At the same time, we still have reserve space directly at the site for the next expansions.

New logistics hall IDEAL-PACK with 5,800 sqm

From simple roof surface to active solar power plant

After several months of planning, the new solar plant with up to 750 kWp peakpower has now been put into operation on a roof area of 12,000 sqm. On days with lots of sunshine, the company operates completely independently of the power grid.

Thanks to the high-bay warehouse with space for 16,000 Euro pallets, the electricity consumption is considerable. The many mobile forklifts play their part, although the distances are kept as short as possible by automation technologies such as the Pick-By-Voice system. Goods handling and warehousing systems also optimize processes and help reduce internal power consumption.

The initial results of the company's own solar system are so positive that further roof areas of the company have already been reserved for the environmentally friendly "Powerpacks".

Ideal-Pack Solaranlage mit Wechselrichtern von Kaco new energy

Currently, the direct current generated is converted into grid-compatible alternating current by a dozen inverters of the IDEAL-PACK customer "KACO new Energy" (Heilbronn region).