IDEAL-PHARMA Packaging GmbH officially certified

What began on July 1, 2018 with the blistering and packaging of pharmaceutical products, generics and food supplements has developed extremely positively for IDEAL-Pharma-Packaging GmbH with two production lines and 27 active employees. Due to the closure and relocation of the predecessor company, qualified and experienced personnel was available from the beginning of the business.

The hall could also be integrated into the new company after some extension work. This is an additional success factor for IDEAL-Pharma-Packaging GmbH, enabling it to meet the strict requirements of the Ministry of Health­for companies active in the pharmaceutical sector right from the start - including auditing by the Ministry. In addition to the legal requirements, IDEAL-Pharma-Packaging GmbH also has a lot of extras with which it inspires its customers and interested parties: very modern equipment and a sophisticated multi-zone concept in the production area to meet the highest quality demands. The production lines operate across clean rooms, which significantly increases efficiency.

Everything is monitored by camera and code reading systems and manual controls to ensure error-free packaging. You can rely on our team for all aspects of blistering, packaging, film wrapping and banding. They are committed to efficiency and experience.

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Blick auf die Fertigung beim vollautomatischen Verblistern

View onto production during fully automatic blistering

New hall brings 12 percent more production and logistics space

After several months of construction, our new logistics hall in the Heilbronn industrial area "Böllinger Höfe" is being completed these days.

With this multifunctional hall, we are expanding our production and storage area by a further 5,800 sqm to a good 53,000 sqm. The hall can be approached from two sides and is equipped with five ramps, generous glazing for plenty of daylight and modern energy-saving equipment.

We are thus continuing our organic and forward-looking capacity expansion of recent years. At the same time, we still have reserve space directly at the site for the next expansions.

New logistics hall IDEAL-PACK with 5,800 sqm

From simple roof surface to active solar power plant

After several months of planning, the new solar plant with up to 750 kWp peakpower has now been put into operation on a roof area of 12,000 sqm. On days with lots of sunshine, the company operates completely independently of the power grid.

Thanks to the high-bay warehouse with space for 16,000 Euro pallets, the electricity consumption is considerable. The many mobile forklifts play their part, although the distances are kept as short as possible by automation technologies such as the Pick-By-Voice system. Goods handling and warehousing systems also optimize processes and help reduce internal power consumption.

The initial results of the company's own solar system are so positive that further roof areas of the company have already been reserved for the environmentally friendly "Powerpacks".

Ideal-Pack Solaranlage mit Wechselrichtern von Kaco new energy

Currently, the direct current generated is converted into grid-compatible alternating current by a dozen inverters of the IDEAL-PACK customer "KACO new Energy" (Heilbronn region).

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