The “Böllinger Höfe” Site, Heilbronn

It was not just by chance that we chose to move to a site in Heilbronn's “Böllinger Höfe” industrial estate – this was a well-calculated move.

On the one hand, the oft-cited motorway proximity sounds good. On the other hand, a location at the Weinsberg motorway junction has another useful quality: having two main axial routes in the immediate vicinity eliminates unnecessary kilometres of travel, saving money and – above all – time.

At this location, strategically important partners are just a stone's throw away. Our company headquarters is conveniently located between parcel shipment companies and haulage contractors.

No matter what type of distribution you prefer – by ship, parcel service or haulier, within Germany or worldwide – we have all of the necessary contact points within a 5 km radius, from the harbour master to the customs officer, to ensure your consignment is dispatched punctually.

Spatial proximity also offers tangible benefits for some customers right here in the industrial estate.

Conveniently and centrally located at the Weinsberg motorway junction, we offer you all the advantages of an ideal infrastructure.