Ready-to-use interfaces for many ERP systems and online shops

Efficient and economic cooperation in logistics projects is based on the electronic exchange of data, and not only in the age of digitalisation.

No matter whether orders or stocks, material master data or order-related tracking numbers: The use of digital data interfaces increases data quality and thus helps to reduce potential sources of error. Processes are also massively accelerated.

For years now, our standard working operations have been as paperless and purely data-based as we can possibly make them - right down to pick level. This makes the connection between the customer systems and our merchandise management all the more important. These connections are realised with the help of interfaces.

We have standardised interfaces to almost 30 shops and marketplaces, including all common online shop systems. Your benefits: We can implement the connection to your system in a very short time. As this is usually the bottleneck in a logistics project, we are therefore able to reduce the resulting lead time to a minimum.

For more individual requirements, e.g. an SAP or Navision connection, we can also program individual interfaces between the system landscapes at any time. Although this is usually more complex, it offers completely different ways to meet your specific process requirements and map them directly in the system. By the way, we are very flexible with regard to data exchange and the operation of the interfaces.

Here you can see an extract of the interfaces that are already prepared and available to us:

Ready-to-use IT-interfaces (excerpt)